Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR

For the DTM race, an initial road car was built in 1997 in order to meet initial FIA requirements, but this car was retained by Mercedes. For the other 25 road production cars, each was built by aMG at the affalterbach factory between winter of 1998 and summer of 1999 and differed only slightly from the race car. All of the 25 CLK GTRs ever built were left hand drive except for one which was specially built for Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei. Driver comfort and refinements were at a minimum in the construction of the road cars as Mercedes-Benz wished to not only offer customers a true race car, but also to attempt to keep the price low. Leather was used in the interior and an air conditioning system was offered. Two small storage lockers were also built underneath each upward swinging door. Traction control was also added for driver safety. 

The car retained much of the design of the original CLK GTR instead of the CLK LM, including the V12 and many stylistic elements. One key difference was the rear wing, which used a hoop-style integrated wing in place of the separate racing wing. From the otherwise unrelated standard production Mercedes-Benz CLK, only the instrumentation, front grille and the four headlamps were used.

Ilmor Engineering provided enhancements to the engine, increasing displacement from 6.0L to 6.9L. This increase in displacement coupled with the removal of a racing air restrictor allowed for 612 PS (450 kW; 604 hp) and torque to 775 N·m (572 lb·ft). Mercedes-aMG claimed 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 344 km/h (214 mph).

The Guinness Book of World Records recorded the CLK GTR as the most expensive production car ever built at the time, with a price of $1,547,620(USD).
Based on the limited production CLK GTR, in the year 2002, the Super Sport represents the pinnacle of Mercedes-Benz development. It is the product of HWA, a specialist firm which helped Mercedes-Benz prepare the original CLK GTRs that raced the GT1 class at Le Mans. HWa is also responsible for creating the 25 road going examples of the GT1 racecar. among these HWa has prepared five roadsters and two even rarer super sports models having a much larger engine.
Its the new 7.3-liter, AMG engine which highlights the Super Sport’s performance. Increased displacement gives the super sport 100 more horsepower than other CLK GTRs, making this car one of the most powerful, naturally-aspired coupes.

To matching the increased power, the aerodynamics package of the CLK roadster are updated to reflect it’s sporting nature. Specifically, the rear wing is modified and rear view mirrors are different.

Only two of the CLK GTRs originally received the 7.3 engine and a few others were later updated. The first chassis, 1/25 was the homologation car which had a 7.3. This particular car is unique with high-mounted post mirrors and a lack of “clk gtr” badges on the rear panel.

The second car, chassis #017, was modeled after the upgrade on the first car. It came straight from HWA with the 7.3 engine and was the only car to officially receive the Supersport designation. Painted in the unique red over tan combination, Mr.Ilyas Galadari of UAE-Dubai was the first owner. The car was then sold to an owner in Switzerland who took it back to HWA for a coat of silver paint and red interior. Next, the car was shipped to the USA as brokered by They successfully imported the car, and it now resides in the USA.

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